We are pleased to announce we have awarded $32,000 in scholarships to 32 college and graduate students! We will announce our high school recipients after each schools scholarship night.
Graduate Students – $1000 Each
Matthew Mahler
Colby Sawyer
Taylor Cecil
Waverly Reibel

College Students – $1000 each
Cassie Toler, Mabel Hathaway, Mackenzie Ulmer-Meekins,
Richard Segura, Kate Sutherland, Janie Midgett,
Maison Leonard, Abby Haywood, Keegan Beasley,
Zoe Smith, Lauren Mahler, Chandler Kelly,
Sarah Quinn, Aaron Crum, Bailey Gray,
Kristen Corderio, Madelyn Toler, Myra Caldwell,
Trent York, Ashleigh Champin, Kira Hicks,
Amber Copeland, Emili James, Sarah Hayes,
Bennett Gray, Lisa Sabadic, William Brown,
William Midgett

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